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Are you traveling, working or just out of town and want to buy or sell your real estate? Well, Independent Title, where we are Florida’s Best Title Company is now able to do full closings right online! As long as you are a US Citizen all of your documents can be signed witnessed and notarized right from your phone or laptop anywhere in the world!
No more need for mail away closings! We can fund the same day you sign your documents, with you anywhere in the world! No more need to print, go to a notary or have a notary meet you and then ship the documents for next day delivery. Online notarization allows us to easily, quickly and securely get you your buy, sell, or refinance documents to you right on your smart phone, tablet or laptop with a forward facing camera, through email! The whole process takes about 6 to 10 mins to log in, sign and have your documents notarized! Once everything is signed it is electronically delivered to us and we are all closed!
If you are interested in learning more about Remote Online Notarization or how to make your closings as easy as possible, give us a call or email us anytime!